Why is all of this so important?

Life is full of challenges, it’s how we transition and grow

Why Patience & Play? Many parents fear that their child will hurt themselves and find themselves saying phrases such as “stop, you’ll hurt yourself”, or, “get down from that three you’re going to fall”, and quite simply, “be careful”. Most people don’t let their children take risks, and yet there is enormous evidence behind why we should. But why in the woods? Further evidence shows us that not only is taking risks, like climbing a tree or splashing in a muddy puddle on a wet and cold day, good for human development, being in nature has enormous evidence for its benefits to mental health for all, so not only are the children benefiting from the ability to take a few risks, but parents get to enjoy the benefits of this too.

Why one to one coaching? A way I like to sum up why is that you wouldn’t start a new job without knowing what is expected of you, what skills you’ll need to bring, what tools you will be able to use. Yet we go into parenting willingly without this knowledge, without really understanding what is happening. My time with you is not to take anything away from the amazing array of antenatal preparations available, it is the next level, I won’t prepare you for actual birth, but I can coach you through the journey of managing work situations, understanding the psychological changes that come with parenting, supporting you in understanding the importance of allowing risk as we allow our children to grow and learn. We will work together over a minimum of 5 sessions, two antenatally, one soon after baby arrives, one whilst preparing to go back to work and one back at work. This is not limited and more sessions can be added as you feel might benefit you, your situation, and your family.

Tailored one to one sessions are available too for those who already have child/ren and are going back to work, or thinking about it.

Why group workshops in parental transition? Sometimes working through what’s going on for our change in plans for life needs a small and safe peer network, we need to know we’re not alone, because we’re not. I guide you through many steps and each session will be tailored to individual and group needs.

Why corporate packages? Many managers and leaders across all industries are faced with staff members becoming parents, training for this is rarely offered. My time with you will support your understanding of what you can expect in reality, we’ll look at boundaries, risks, planning, and options. Supported staff members are more productive than non-supported, and knowing that they are getting direct coaching alongside their manager(s) through this major life transition, assists in a more effective communication channel for all.